How It Works.

We build brands, influencers, and public figures get noticed on social media platforms via blue badge !


Gain the community's confidence with Authenticity

More competition makes obtaining a social media verification credibility mark for your profile crucial. We are aware of the process for creating a brand.
We have more than ten years of experience dealing with major media outlets. You need the correct plan to reach the right audience, whether well-established or just getting started. By making your social media platforms as real and credible as possible, we hope to defend your brand.


The Badge & It's Power

Either way, getting an influencer or a brand verified on social media is the most remarkable thing to experience. It’s not just a tick but a bundle of perks!


Once verified, your profile becomes officially endorsed by the platform as a trusted thought creator, growing your brand's power across the platform.


Authenticity at it's best. One tick brings tons of credibility, improving how your audience interacts with your social media accounts.


A blue badge gives your profile an added layer of legitimacy and clout, creating a stronger impression and network among high-profile accounts in your niche.


Get more attention, money, and exposure. Thanks to modern algorithms, verified accounts can reach every nook and cranny of the world and result in fruits.


How It's Smartly Done

We make social media verification exciting for clients – a personal brand or highly-esteemed business. It takes our expertise and the proper channels, which include
Our strategies are designed to rank. We align all the PR content per the SERP guidelines to ensure everything performs optimally.
We create quality & purposeful content for trending news platforms and search engines to yield maximum impressions.
We create your Wikipedia page and implement schema markup on your site to optimize your knowledge graph.
How It Works Mobile
We write several press releases and publish them on official networks and high DA sites to help your account get in the news.
Your prominence in public weighs. Taking care of your PR and brand visibility is part of the game. With us, it’s always a winning scenario.
As a Meta Partner Agency, we know how to play by the rules. Therefore, your application will come through without a problem.

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Our Satisfied Clientele !

Our clients are happy. They trust us and recommend us to the people they love. That’s beyond the tick for us.
Alexa -

I am extremely happy with the company's performance in verifying my Instagram account with a blue tick. I am impressed with the company's attention to detail.

William -

I recently got blue tick verified on Facebook and Instagram, and I must say, the process was seamless and efficient. I appreciate BTS's efforts to simplify the verification process for its customers.

David -

Initially, I wasn't sure if investing in blue tick verification for my Instagram was worth it, but the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient efforts convinced me otherwise. So happy I made the decision!

Christine -

The blue tick verification process on Facebook was stress-free with BTS. I am thoroughly impressed with their performance and customer-centric approach."

Brian -

Putting my money in BTS was a good decision. The company's top-notch customer service and impressive performance won me over. Glad I made the decision!

Stephanie -

With a bit of uncertainty, I took the leap and invested my money in BTS. The company delivered beyond my expectations with its smooth and hassle-free process.

Jonathan -

I recently got my Instagram account verified with a blue tick, and it was a great experience. The company's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction was evident throughout the process.


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