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You can unleash your brand’s digital development potential with carefully created marketing solutions. Access to knowledge is increasingly taking place completely online around the world. It’s time to increase your brand’s internet presence.

Get Featured On Everywhere

Want to buzz the entire social media with a wild card entry? Turn your digital dream into a successful reality by hiring us as your social media verification agency. Think Big. Act Digital.

Make More Sales By Doing Less

Our growth hacking experts match your company’s objectives with sales and marketing goals to create a well-researched digital growth strategy. All we do is create innovative solutions and promote them to the appropriate audience.

Data Analytics

We are a company development organization that focuses on sales. Data analytics approaches can uncover trends and indicators that would otherwise be lost in a sea of data.

Digital Marketing

We provide a global reach while also effectively expanding your market. We design ROI-based creative marketing campaigns as a growth marketing agency. We give your brand the right digital push to ensure improved brand value.

Product Design

Product design is the process of thinking, producing, and iterating products that address problems for people. Our team creates research-driven digital products by integrating your business requirements with a user-friendly approach.


Our developers understand how to construct safe websites, from conception to specification, design, programming, documentation, testing, and problem fixing. We take an agile approach, from writing custom code to developing CMS-based websites.


Precise Targeting for Accurate Reach Globally.

We run ads that immediately reach a large audience after evaluating the preferences of the brand’s customers. For your branding and performance marketing needs, our professionals utilize the proper mix of search, email, social, advertisements, and content marketing campaigns
Precise Targeting for Accurate Reach Globally
Get More Clients Online


Improve Your Number Of Clients Online.

Is there anything more annoying than putting in a lot of effort and money to gain new consumers online only to find that nothing works? Our goal is for you to complete your objective and achieve the success you seek and deserve. We multiply your online conversions by ten with custom-tailored strategies for your company.


Strengthen Your Links & Become a Brand

We sense a great trip your brand has taken, and this captivating story deserves to be shared. Our experienced digital solutions promise not only online money but also powerful connections and a captivating business image. With our help, you can turn your company into a brand.
Become a Brand, Strengthen Your Connections
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Why Us.

We offer organizations the greatest digital growth marketing experiences while masking the complexity of a traditional digital agency. Bluetick Shop provides the most creative solutions to help your business thrive by combining technology and creativity. The marketing thought process guides our approach to developing sales-driving solutions.


Our Satisfied Clientele !

Our clients are happy. They trust us and recommend us to the people they love. That’s beyond the tick for us.
Alexa -

I am extremely happy with the company's performance in verifying my Instagram account with a blue tick. I am impressed with the company's attention to detail.

William -

I recently got blue tick verified on Facebook and Instagram, and I must say, the process was seamless and efficient. I appreciate BTS's efforts to simplify the verification process for its customers.

David -

Initially, I wasn't sure if investing in blue tick verification for my Instagram was worth it, but the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient efforts convinced me otherwise. So happy I made the decision!

Christine -

The blue tick verification process on Facebook was stress-free with BTS. I am thoroughly impressed with their performance and customer-centric approach."

Brian -

Putting my money in BTS was a good decision. The company's top-notch customer service and impressive performance won me over. Glad I made the decision!

Stephanie -

With a bit of uncertainty, I took the leap and invested my money in BTS. The company delivered beyond my expectations with its smooth and hassle-free process.

Jonathan -

I recently got my Instagram account verified with a blue tick, and it was a great experience. The company's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction was evident throughout the process.


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